Employment Verification Letter

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If you need proof before lending your property or giving a job, then ask for a letter for verification. The employment verification letter is a document that shows the current employment status of a person. It has all details about the applicant, such as the financial capability of the applicant.

Landowners usually do not give their properties without some solid evidence; in that case, this letter is written to them. Some people use it as proof of employment to take a loan from the banks. While others use it to postpone the loan amount due to the financial crisis.

Who Needs a Verification of Employment Form?

The verification of employment is needed on different occasions. The applicant can only disclose the information that is permitted by the state. Following are cases when this is needed:

  • House Mortgage: This letter is written to the bank or the loan lender to ensure that you are eligible to pay the mortgage of the house being bought.
  • Loan for a Vehicle: The loan lender asks for the income verification letter to see if the borrower has stable income to return the loan. This assures the lender that the applicant can pay the deposits till the contract lasts.
  • Getting a House on Rent: The claimant writes this letter to the owner of the property with all the details mentioned in it. This acts as proof that the claimant can pay the rent, afford maintenance, and other associates of the property.
  • Loan Payment Reduction: The letter is written to the bank to reduce the loan of the candidate because of the crisis. The bank verifies the matter by checking the current income before approving the request.
  • Applying for Another Job: When the employee finds a better job, this letter is written to the interviewer to tell him each detail about the previous job.

What Should Be Included in an Employment Verification Letter?

The information that is included in the employment verification letter depends on the requirement of the person who has asked for it. Following are some of the items that are included in this letter.

  • Address of Employer: Here the applicant has to state the address of the person or the company with whom the applicant was working formerly.
  • Details of the Requester: The complete detail of the person or the company who demanded the employment letter is written here. It includes the name and complete address of the requester.
  • Applicant Name: The person who is writing the employment verification letter has to write his name under this clause.
  • Previous Job Dates: The applicant has to mention the date when he/she was appointed for the previous job. It also includes the date when the applicant left the job.
  • Title of the Job: This clause comprises the job title on which the applicant was appointed previously.
  • Job description and Current Salary Package: The candidate has to write the complete description of the previous job, including work experience, part-time or full time. The current salary has to be mentioned here as well.
  • Job Termination Reasons: Finally, the reasons for quitting the job are written here.

How to Verify a Proof of Employment Letter?

In the employee verification letter, the proof of income letter is often considered the last step before a decision is taken. Unless valid proof is provided, the receiver of the letter is bounded not to serve the claimant. It is advised to attach two documents for the proof with the employment letter.

These documents include tax-paid statements, compensation letters, and many others. This is a necessary step to escape the wrong accusations. The third party always requires some evidence to provide a loan, rent a house and give a new job, etc.

To use the company’s writing pad for the letter is a sign of proof and authenticity. The employee can use social security proof of income when applying for a new job. This is needed to get evidence of the credibility of the applicant.

If a person wants to buy a car in installments, then the income statement could act as proof to attest that the particular person is eligible to buy a car with current income. Providing evidence such as bank statements and tax returns could behave as proof when buying a new house or getting a house on rent.


Now you may have enough knowledge about the employment verification letter and where to use it. The purpose of this letter is to verify you for getting a job, a house, an automobile, and a loan from the bank. It is a simple letter that could be written using employment verification form templates available here for free.


What shouldn't be included in the employment verification letter?

This letter should be concise. The applicant must only provide the information that is required by the requester. Before disclosing private information related to the company, it is advised to get permission from the previous employer.

How to ask for the employment verification request letter?

First of all, write a letter in a formal method to get the written approval of the employee. Mention the reasons describing the need for it. Use a polite tone but in a straightforward manner. At last, write your name and phone number.

How can one get verification for employment?

The most suitable way to get the verification for employment is by writing a letter. This letter may include a job description, salary package, and other details.

In which scenario the employer responds to the verification of employment?

If the state sends the verification request only, then there is a need to respond.

Can a former employer deny the verification letter?

From a legal perspective, no business replies to the employment verification letter's request unless it comes from the government. But it does not harm to fulfill these requests.

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