What is a Verification of Mortgage?

The mortgage verification form is used to determine a person’s details of a person’s details when applying for a loan to a bank or some other financial institution. The mortgage verification is done to know the person's credit history and why the person is asking for loans, or whether or not they will be able to pay the necessary charges back or not.

Here, the loan verification letter is sent to the person's mortgage provider. They are responsible for filling the form and sending it back to the financial institution to decide to loan the person.

How to Write a Verification of Mortgage?

The verification of mortgage forms can be written by downloading the form first and filling in the necessary information like date, mortgage company its address, number, fax number, contact name, and address.

Also, mention the return contact information that includes name, company, address, phone, and fax number. The recipient's info and their sign would be required as well. A few questions will be asked on the verification of loan form, and you are supposed to answer.

Questions related to the current mortgage balance, payout penalty, prepayment privileges, and others. In the end, the person who is writing verification of loan is supposed to sign the form along with the date and title.

When Will You Need It?

The loan verification letter is required when someone asks for a loan because they need to invest it in some business or somewhere else. Nobody will give you a loan without making sure that you are giving it back and making sure you can even be capable of that.

In this concern, the financial institutes require some guarantee that the receipt will pay back and afford the initial charges that will be granted to them so later they no issue arises.

The verification of mortgage is needed and will only be approved when the mortgage provider will clear the person who applied for it by filling in the necessary information about you and send your details back to the financial institution.


The verification of mortgage is an important part of taking loans and is helpful because it gives everyone this financial security that the deal will be done via legal processing by ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We hope that all the information you were looking for is right here and can make the most out of it.

Mortgage Verification FAQ

How do you get your mortgage verified?

You need to give your loan officer your mortgage statement, your mortgage loan account number, and your SSN and ask for verification of the mortgage. You can ask for a complete payment history here.

What is a mortgage verification fee?

These Real Property fees are gathered at the time you record your form with the County Clerk. Information from verified and registered papers can impact the land title, and data from these transactions are indexed in Real Property.

Do mortgage lenders contact your employer?

When someone is applying for a mortgage, the lender will ask them for their employer's contact details. The lender will contact the employer and ask to confirm the applicant's claimed salary and other economic information, such as bonuses.

Do lenders verify employment after closing?

Usually, mortgage lenders conduct a verbal verification of employment within ten days of your loan closing, which means that they call your present employer to confirm that you’re still working for them.

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