Rental (Landlord) Verification Form

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Rental(landlord) verification form

After a thorough search for a rental property, you’ve finally found the right one and have applied for it. Now, the landlord or the property manager asks you to fill a rental verification form, and you’re confused about what that is. So let me clarify it for you.

What is a rental verification form?

A rental verification form is a document that a prospective tenant signs to authorize a property manager to perform a background check before leasing out a property.

This document gives the property manager authority to call the tenant’s current and/or previous landlord to verify if the information the renter provided is accurate. The document also allows the landlord to contact the tenant’s employer to confirm if the income and employment details are precise.

Filling the form with honest information can guarantee you a smooth verification process and a stress-free stay at the new apartment.

Rental, Tenant, and Landlord Verification Forms.

The following is a breakdown of three documents involved in the rental verification process.

Rental verification form

This form contains spaces for the landlord and the tenant to write their personal information. When a rental agency represents a property owner, the agency should also provide its details alongside the name and the address of the property to be rented.

In this form, the tenant’s current landlord also gets to provide some rental history about the tenant so that the potential landlord can gauge if the tenant is a reliable person. The landlord verification form contains more rental history.

Tenant verification form.

The property manager issues this form to a potential tenant to fill in his or her personal information.

The information requested by this form includes the tenant’s personal identification details, employment data, and rental history.

Once the tenant fills this form, he or she sends it back to the landlord so that the landlord can confirm if the details provided are true. Thus, for easy verification, the tenant should not provide false information.

Some tenant verification forms contain a stern warning that false information may warrant imprisonment and/or termination of tenancy.

Landlord verification form.

This form allows the potential landlord to get the rental history of the tenant from the previous or current landlord.

The tenant signs beside his or her name to permit the current or previous landlord to give the potential landlord the requested details.

Some property managers prefer the landlord verification to be done over the phone, while others prefer it in writing. The property managers who prefer doing the verification over the phone say it helps fish out fake landlords

Now that you know the difference between these forms, let’s create a rental verification form.

How to make a rental verification form

Follow these steps to create a rental verification form:

Step 1: Set a margin of one inch to the left and right of a blank document.

Step 2: At the top, type in the title “RENTAL VERIFICATION FORM”. Center it and make it bold.

Step 3: Create four text boxes in the following order:

  • The first text box should contain spaces requesting information about the potential landlord.
  • The second text box should contain a declaration statement that confirms the applicant submitted an application form requesting to rent the property.
  • The third text box should contain the tenant information, a statement, a date, and a signature that authorizes the release and the use of his or her information.
  • The last box should contain spaces requesting information about the tenant’s current landlord and some questions to be answered by the current landlord.

There it is! You’ve created a rental verification form.

When will you need a rental verification form?

A tenant and landlord will require this document at different times and for specific reasons.

A landlord will need it prior to renting out his or her property to a potential tenant. This is so that he or she can verify information about the tenant before allowing them to use his or her property.

A tenant may need to use a rental verification form when:

  • Opening a bank account. This is to verify his or her address.
  • Applying for a loan from a bank. However, most banks require the tenant to attach it with bank statements that show rental payments so that it can prove the tenant’s residence.
  • Enrolling in a school. Some schools require students seeking admission to provide a rental verification form to verify their residence - In case the student rents an apartment.
  • Applying for a federal or state assistance program


Rental verification might look like an unworthy course, but it might save the tenant and landlord some future trouble.

If you’re a landlord or property manager, it might help you find the best tenant. The requirement of this document might also weed out dishonest tenants.

For tenants, it might be the ideal document to land you that federal or state assistance program.

Students might need it to speed up the admission process to their school of choice.

Whether you’re a tenant, landlord, or property manager, a rental verification form remains to be an essential document for a lease agreement.


How do I pass my rental verification?

To pass a rental verification process, you’ll need to provide accurate information. Providing false information may warrant an arrest or termination of tenancy in some situations.

Is there a fee required to perform rental verification?

If you are a landlord who uses a tenant screening agency, you’ll need to pay at least $30 for the agency to do the verification on your behalf.

How long does rental verification take?

Most rental verification processes take 24-72 hours. However, how long it takes might depend on how motivated your landlord is to rent out the property. Verification of employment and rental history might also prolong the process.

Is it legal to lie on a rental verification form?

A PDF viewer, also referred to as a PDF reader, is a software utility that allows you to read PDF-format documents. There are two types of PDF viewers: offline and online (browser-based). Offline PDF viewers need to be installed on your phone or PC. You can then open PDFs from the app’s user interface. Online PDF viewers are more convenient in that they allow you to view PDFs from your web browser directly. They also come with the same features as offline readers.

How long does rental verification take?

Most rental verification processes take 24-72 hours. However, how long it takes might depend on how motivated your landlord is to rent out the property. Verification of employment and rental history might also prolong the process.

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